Saturday, May 11, 2013

Update (30):  May 11, 2013.  As a brief update, steps have recently been taken to refer this issue to the legislature of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  At the start, when I was granted an emergency hearing, it quickly became clear that this matter would not be resolved on an emergency basis, which would have saved that career position by simply allowing me to obtain my essays.  The question then became, what position do the courts take on such a matter?  I then began to embark on a course to find out.  Who else could take this course but someone like myself with such a unique position to have standing?  The judicial system, in order to make its rulings on constitutionality, must have before it an injured party to demonstrate why there is a constitutional violation (in this case a due process violation).  The courts are now on record as having dismissed the case without hearing it on its merits.

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